Love in Action

February, traditionally known as the month of love, did not pass by without many opportunities to extend love to the children and families to whom Tiwala Kids and Communities minister. Last month was indeed a month-long celebration of God’s love. Here are a few ways in which we were able both to share God’s love and experience it as well:

Hygiene Kits for Tiwala Kids

On February 25, college students from Divine Word College of Legazpi expressed their love to Tiwala kids by conducting a special program and giving hygiene kits and grocery items. Aside from facilitating games and fun activities, the college students also encouraged the kids to develop good hygiene habits. Fifty children from different villages in Legazpi City attended the fun-fllled activity.

True Love Talks

Tiwala Kids & Communities took advantage of the month of February to teach the youth about the meaning of true love. Through Tiwala’s youth sessions, the staff and volunteers facilitated small group discussions and activities to help them understand what true love really means and how to distinguish it from the worldly definition of love. The participants were also encouraged to live out true love by helping others who are in need. The young people found the sessions enjoyable and relevant that they also invited their friends to join!

More Parties to Come! 

In March, several groups are coming to throw parties for Tiwala kids. The donors are birthday celebrants who want to share their blessings to the children by giving them an afternoon of fun, food, games, and gifts. The kids are already excited and are already preparing their songs and birthday cards for our Tiwala friends.