Summer Blast

Tiwala Kids & Communities had a hectic and fast-paced summer. In April and May we were provided with many opportunities to minister to the children and parents in Legazpi City. We were also privileged to be visited by different groups of people who care for Tiwala and believe in its mission of portraying God’s love to underprivileged families and building strong foundations in their lives.

The summer kicked off with a week of Vacation Bible School (VBS) in six villages. Attended by almost 200 children, it was a week filled with fun, songs, stories, and lessons about God’s different attributes. We capped the VBS with a big program, distributing gifts to children and giving them opportunities to praise our great and loving Creator. The culminating event also served as Tiwala’s twelfth year anniversary celebration. It was a day of giving thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness to Tiwala all these years!

The VBS was immediately followed by facilitating a Kids Camp for a partner church in Legazpi, Generation Christian Fellowship. Aside from a good turnout of kids, the staff of Tiwala was able to train and model to the college volunteers of the church how to teach and minister to children. We found it as a strategic use of time to coach these volunteers, because it multiplied workers for kids’ outreach.

Kids showing off their crafts during VBS
On the same week of the Kids Camp, the Board of Trustees of Tiwala also met to evaluate, discuss, and pray for the organization’s programs, needs, and direction for the upcoming ministry year. We are deeply grateful to the trustees for their leadership and oversight into the organization.

As if the busyness was not enough, the outreaches were shortly followed by a science camp for our high school students. Entitled “Spectrum: Exploring the Colors of God’s Creation,” the camp sought not only to improve the scientific inquiry skills of teens but also help them grow in their appreciation of God’s wisdom, power, and creativity. More than 50 young people attended the camp and had a blast doing experiments, playing games, and listening to science and Bible lessons related to light.

Science Camp photo with friends from UECM and Generation Christian Fellowship
Meanwhile, our community Bible studies for mothers continued throughout the summer season. The moms endured the summer heat and faithfully met at the hosts’ houses in order to hear the Word of God. On May 17th we held a post-Mother’s Day program for these mothers and treated them to a hearty meal, serenaded them with songs, and prayed for them. Many of them shed tears and welcomed the gestures of appreciation.

Towards the end of summer (May), we met with the scholars and their parents to guide them for the upcoming school year and to pray for them. We also distributed their school supplies and uniforms a few days before the school resumed.

Tiwala moms shed some tears when they received flowers and were serenaded with songs during the program
It was truly a non-stop summer for us. We were grateful to be able to reach out to hundreds of children these past months. It was a joy for us to be able to proclaim God’s love, help improve the academic skills of teens, provide educational assistance, impart biblical teachings, and empower the women who are nurturing their families. However, although it was fulfilling to be used by the Lord in various ways, we have to admit that it was also physically exhausting.

Thankfully, we were not just the “givers” in this ministry. We also had the chance to be at the receiving end and be ministered to by others. We felt loved and supported by different groups of people who visited us during the summer time! Mission Go Global, based in Chino Hills, California, helped us do the VBS outreach to the kids and supplied us the materials we needed to do the event. Tim and Jenny Beer visited from London and spent time encouraging the staff of Tiwala. Tim serves as a Board Member of the organization and continues to provide valuable support even while in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, friends from the United Evangelical Church of Malabon helped us facilitate the Science Camp for high school students. Also, our partner church, Generation Christian Fellowship, aside from contributing financially, sent their college volunteers to discuss the “Science and Bible” segments of the Science Camp. The assistance of these individuals lightened the teaching load of the Tiwala staff. God also sent someone we did not know before, Mel, a Filipina based in Canada. She visited the office in April to turn over an amount of money she was able to raise in January selling lunch to her officemates! Talk about a pleasant surprise from the Lord!

Tiwala staff and volunteers with friends from Mission Go Global
And of course, thank you so much too to every one of you who continue to support us through your interest, prayers, donations, and encouragement! You are a blessing! We hope that you are also enjoying,not just the outpouring of blessings to your life,but also the opportunities to help and minister to others. God bless all of you!