Tiwala Receives DSWD Accreditation

On September 9, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) granted Tiwala Kids & Communities a Level 1 accreditation for its programs and services. As a social welfare agency, Tiwala is required, not only to acquire registration and license certificates, but also have its programs audited by the DSWD to ensure we meet the standards set by the department for programs among our beneficiaries. Successfully passing the accreditation process means that the services we offer are complementary to the needs of our beneficiaries, do not foster dependency but rather empower our beneficiaries toward a better life. Aside from documentary requirements, DSWD also visited many of the children and families being served by Tiwala. We are thrilled to receive the commendation! Our prayer is that, now accredited, we will be even more fruitful in the mission God has given us of building strong foundations in the lives of poor children and families here in Bicol.