Tiwala Sends 18 Scholars to School

Summer is over for Tiwala kids and it’s back-to-school time! Thanks to all our donors for helping provide for the educational needs of our 18 full scholars so that they can go to school and have a chance for a brighter future. The scholarships cover school fees and supplies, food, weekly tutorials taught by Tiwala staff, birthday and Christmas gifts, plus other incentives.

Please pray with us that these scholars will excel in school and acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude
they need in order to have a brighter future. Tiwala believes that education is key in helping children and communities break free from poverty. Our programs aim to provide educational assistance
to poor children and instill among our beneficiaries a love for learning. There are many more children
needing assistance in order to succeed in life. If you would like to know how to be a part of this exciting
venture through prayer or financial help, or through sharing your expertise with us, we would love to hear from you! You may send an e-­mail to info@tiwala.org.