Why We Love What We Do

It’s the start of the new school year and we have been busy resuming our school-based and community-based programs. In the midst of the hectic schedule, we at Tiwala Kids & Communities get up each morning expectant to face the day. Here are the greatest motivators we have at the start of each new day:

  1. We find it fulfilling to be able to provide educational opportunities for children.

Tiwala’s educational programs aim to help children improve their academic and life skills. Aside from conducting supplemental classes, we also provide full scholarships to poor children. It is encouraging to witness how, when given the right tools and resources, kids can truly excel and develop their potential. We see changes in their habits, attitudes, and values as they are supported to pursue their studies and envision a brighter future for themselves.

  1. Being with kids make us feel younger!

The candidness and playfulness of the kids also bring out the child in us. One of the reasons we love being with them is because it gives us an excuse to be playful again. We not only enjoy seeing the smiles of children but we also aim to create positive lasting memories with them.

  1. We get to witness transformation firsthand.

Our daily interactions with our beneficiaries give us the privilege to observe firsthand their growing faith and changing values. Through home visits, heart-to-heart talks with parents, and tutorial classes among the children, we get to witness how transformation is, slowly but surely, taking place in their lives. We are encouraged to see many of them make wiser choices for their families. It is fulfilling to witness how they are also growing in their understanding of the roles they play in Tiwala’s projects – not as passive recipients, but as active partners with us.

  1. We learn a lot from the people we interact with every day.

We meet people every day from different walks of life: mothers who have special recipes to share, kids who are honing their musical abilities, educators excelling in the teaching profession, and local officials pursuing public service. Each interaction with them informs us of the nature and how-tos of their specializations. Every day is indeed an enriching opportunity for us to learn from different fields of service.

  1. We love the variety of what we do.

We wear different hats each day: as ‘techies’ helping kids learn using the latest technological apps and tools; as counselors to parents who are in difficult domestic situations; as teachers, singers, actors, and dancers in our classes; as partners in the ministry to pastors; as co-educators to school teachers; as clerks completing paperwork related to government licenses and accreditation. We can use many words to describe our ministry but boring is definitely not one of those!

  1. Serving in Tiwala builds our trust in the Lord.

Tiwala is a Filipino word that means trust. It’s a constant reminder to all of us that the heart of our ministry is putting our trust in the Lord. While we can work so hard in all the programs we have, we look to the Lord to lead, to work, and to provide. And He has never failed in showing us that He truly is faithful. We continue to stand amazed at how He opens opportunities and provides for all the needs of Tiwala!

  1. We are part of a community of people who want to make a difference.

We cannot do the task of building strong foundations alone. We are also in partnership with churches who come alongside us in reaching people with the gospel. Other private groups and organizations have shared their resources and expertise in order to help us deliver effective programs to our beneficiaries. And of course, behind us are faithful and generous donors like you who believe in what we do and shower us with prayers, encouragements,  financial and material support.

Thank you very much for being part of this ministry through your interest, prayers, and support. You are one of the reasons why we find our work meaningful and enjoyable. What a delight it is to witness all of us working together, sharing the same passion, and believing that together we can truly make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children and families here in Bicol, Philippines.