Glimpses of Growth

Over 500 children and mothers are enrolled in Tiwala’s different programs this semester. We are present in nine public schools offering digital learning classes and scholarships. We also provide weekend classes, tutorials, mothers and youth group sessions in seven villages in Legazpi City. Coordinating and facilitating all these programs are not an easy task, but what keeps us motivated is seeing small changes take place in the lives of the children and parents we work with. Here are some glimpses of growth we got to witness last month: 

Tiwala Scholars: From Recipients to Volunteers

We currently have 18 children (with three more lined up for screening) receiving full scholarships for their studies. The first quarter of the school year just finished, and we rejoice over the good results in their periodical tests. However, more than their academic achievements, we want to highlight their growth in terms of their willingness and initiative to serve others. 

Our high school scholars, for example, have started to assist us in our weekend classes. Miriam, the eldest in the scholars, said she finds being an assistant challenging but fulfilling especially when she sees the kids enjoy the activities. In spite of her busy schedule as a senior high student, she takes the time to volunteer on weekends for our enrichment classes for younger Tiwala kids. 

Danica and Jenelyn have also been very eager to assist the Tiwala staff in the classes in their community. They are also realizing the importance of being positive role models and setting good examples for the younger children. 

We want to see more of this kind of attitude and involvement among our beneficiaries. We want them to discover that they are not passive recipients of help from other people, but that they too have resources, such as time and talents, which they can offer to help others. 

Tiwala Youth Sessions: From Despair to Hope

Around forty high school students attend our weekly youth sessions. One of them, Kevin, struggled about his identity, family situation, and personal circumstances. He reached out to the staff of Tiwala for counselling and guidance. Slowly we see him make positive changes in his life and take the initiative to change his habits and behavior. Instead of being bitter about his difficult life, Kevin is discovering the value of putting his faith in God. He has also started to invite his friends to the youth sessions because he believes that he is not the only one that can be helped by the precious lessons being taught in the group meetings. We are encouraged to see him transform from someone who was in despair of his situation to someone who is actively sharing the hope he has discovered in God.

Mothers Community Sessions: Real Connections

Meanwhile,  there are  60 mothers who participate in our community Bible studies. The meetings include prayer, mutual encouragement, and study of God’s Word. The women who attend these sessions testify how they experience real connections not just with each other but also with the Lord. One of them is Rowena, a mother of three kids in Victory Village. She shared with us that attending the small group not only offered support so that she could  cope with stress but also helped her draw closer to God, who has become her source of hope and strength. According to her she is learning how to become a better wife, mother, and daughter through her personalrelationship with God. 

Another highlight for us is witnessing a handful of these women take the initiative to attend the Sunday service of our partner church, Generation Christian Fellowship, because they sensed their need to be more connected to a local body of believers. 

These are just a few of the glimpses the Lord allowed us to witness last month. We truly count it a privilege to be part of what He is doing in the lives of His children. We appreciate you too for your prayers, encouragement, and practical help as we seek to build strong foundations in the lives of these children and mothers. Thank you so much for choosing to invest in their lives through your partnership with us. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless you, and grant you growth too in all aspects of your life.