The gift of mobility

“Through a meaningful partnership with other Social Welfare and Development Agencies (SWDAs), Children International Bicol Inc. (CIBI) has offered free wheelchairs intended for deserving individuals who are in need of the assistive device through the Free Wheelchair Mission Program.
On March 22, CIBI, alongside Tiwala Staff and the PWD officers of Manito, led by Mrs. Nerissa Daen, distributed the first three wheelchairs to PWD members in Manito Albay. This initiative marks a significant step in enhancing the mobility, independence, and overall quality of life for the beneficiaries.
The impact of these initiatives is truly heartwarming, as we witness firsthand the comfort and joy they bring to those in need.
What a joy to see how God uses collaboration and shared resources among organizations like ours to ensure that needs are met efficiently, services are delivered effectively, and more people receive the assistance they need.
Again, many thanks to Free Wheelchair Mission, CIBI (Children International Bicol Inc.), for sharing this great blessing of providing the gift of mobility to the vulnerable sectors in the communities.