Highlights and Hopes

The year 2019 has been a good year for Tiwala Kids & Communities. We are grateful for the many opportunities we were given to build strong foundations in the lives of poor children and families. Through God’s grace and enabling, we were able to touch the lives of more than 500 children and families through our various educational and spiritual programs. We are also hopeful that we will continue to make a difference this new year. Here are the highlights for the previous year and our hopes for 2020:

Highlights for 2019: 
Linkages for Greater Impact.In the previous year Tiwala continued to work with government agencies such as the Department of Education, Department of Social Welfare and Development, and the local government unit of Legazpi City in order to properly implement its programs. Public schools and local churches were also involved in our project execution. Other groups such as The Patatas, Mission Go Global, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, and Wildleaf provided material resources for our beneficiaries. Tiwala also continued to hold leadership roles in two regional networks namely, Bicol Network for Children and the Bicol Area-Based Standards Network. 

Linkages like these enabled us to increase our impact last year in the communities we serve. They not only provided resources which are critical to our work, but have also been advocates for Tiwala amongst their own networks. We also benefitted from the resource sharing involved in being part of a regional alliance. For example, we were able to celebrate the National Children’s Month last November without spending a single centavo for a grand program. Through our involvement with Bicol Network for Children, we were able to hold a fun run for more than 500 children on November 30. We also received various trainings and technical assistance last year in order to build our capacity as an organization in pursuing its mission. 

Variety of Helping Resources. Last year we were blessed with a variety of resources to share with our beneficiaries. The Patatas gave a new addition to our Digi Eskwela project called CaseStudy, a digital learning kit designed to foster a more interactive way of teaching and learning. We also used a new educational app called Dawn of Civilization to help more children improve on their literacy and numeracy skills. In addition to this we were also able to craft a number of discipleship and life skills curricula to help the children and parents gain the knowledge and understanding they need in order to make wise choices in life.  
Material resources such as books, food items, school supplies, footwear, clothing, and hygiene kits were also provided for more than 500 Tiwala children and families last year.  Moreover, we received a total of Php1,495,510.00 in donations last year! Thank you very much for your generosity! Without your partnership with us we would not be able to help as many people as we do now.
Changed Lives. In 2019 we focused on building the right mindset and godly character among the Tiwala children and parents. We witnessed the character growth among our scholars who moved beyond being passive recipients of help to becoming active volunteers in our weekend classes. We saw more mothers attend our partner churches and even bring their kids with them. Teens who attended our weekly discipleship sessions invited their friends and shared with them the hope they found in Jesus. When Legazpi was hit by a big typhoon in December last year that was so strong that it flooded communities, knocked down power lines, and ripped off roofs, our beneficiaries continued to trust the Lord and were unwavering in their hope and joy in Him. These were just a few of the glimpses of growth that the Lord allowed us to witness last year. What a privilege it is indeed to be part what He is doing in the lives of His children! Hopes for 2020: 

More opportunities to serve. This year we look forward to serving more children and families in various ways that the Lord is opening to us. For example, aside from our regular programs of digital learning, scholarship grants, tutorials, weekend classes, and mothers’ groups, we will also be offering literacy classes this summer to kids who cannot read. There are already two Tiwala friends who have offered to assist us in the said project. We are open to portraying the love of God in different ways as He directs us this year. 
Increased capacity to meet goals.The new year kicked off with two groups contacting us to ask if we would be willing to be their beneficiaries for their respective events: a concert and a fun run. We happily received their offer and were encouraged by the fact that the Lord is bringing groups and people we do not even know to assist us in what we do. We hope to see more of these this year – people coming alongside us so that we can have the resources and increased capability to serve more children and families. 
Lasting Fruits. As a Christian charity, Tiwala’s goal has always been to usher people into God’s kingdom. We do this by portraying His love in practical ways and helping them make God’s Word the very foundation of their lives. This year we want to continue to, not just provide for the material and temporal needs of people, but more so, help them experience and live out God’s love and plan for their lives. We pray that the fruits of our efforts this year will outlast this life and span to eternity!
Thank you very much for coming alongside us in our mission of building strong foundations in the lives of poor children and families in the Philippines. We look forward to many more opportunities to make a positive impact with you this 2020. God bless you!
For His glory,
Tiwala Team