Does Tiwala Kids & Communities run an orphanage or a residential facility?

Tiwala does not own an orphanage or residential facility for children. We run community and school-based programs for children and their families. We have seen that this approach is more effective in helping and empowering a greater number of poor children and families.

Can I visit the children’s homes?

Tiwala Kids & Communities welcomes visits from sponsors or donors to the children’s residence or community. However, we ask that such visits be planned ahead of time and in coordination with Tiwala. Please note that there are additional procedures and protocols that need to be observed if you want to visit our beneficiaries.

Can I publicly share the stories and pictures of Tiwala children?

As part of Tiwala’s Child Protection Policy, we seek first the consent of the children’s parents and guardians for the publication of their profiles and photos. Please coordinate with the staff of Tiwala first before photographing and publicly sharing photos and stories. Do take note that no unsupervised photographic/filming/videoing sessions with a child are to be permitted unless this is absolutely necessary and has been approved in advance by the child, parent, and Social Worker. Moreover, photographs, films, videos and DVDs must present children in a dignified and respectful manner and not in a vulnerable or submissive manner. Children should be adequately clothed and not in poses that could be seen as sexually suggestive. It is also our policy that no identifying information (i.e. real name, last name, and residential address) be published in order to protect the identity and welfare of our beneficiaries.

Can I volunteer at Tiwala Kids & Communities?

There are many opportunities for you to volunteer with Tiwala. We are in need of volunteers who are capable of teaching underprivileged kids (4 – 15 yrs old) in the different barangays in Legazpi City, Albay. Tiwala’s programs are geared towards helping kids acquire basic literacy as well as biblical values.  We also reach out to their families through our Family Strengthening Program. You may assist our staff in this program by facilitating group discussions. If you have entrepreneurial skills and have experience in product development, business planning, market research and market tests, we need your help in our livelihood program. If you are gifted in graphic design or skilled in bookkeeping and other office functions, you may also assist our office staff as a volunteer.

If you are interested to help us in this endeavor, you may request for a volunteer application form from info@tiwala.org. We also require that volunteers submit a criminal records (or country equivalent) and a filled out character reference form (we will give you this upon application).

What in-kind donations can I send to the children and families you work with?

We welcome donations-in-kind such as school supplies, nutritious snacks, hygiene packs, and educational tablets.